Woodworking Design To Making

The Woodworking Design To Making Class is a 1.5 hr. information packed class livestreamed directly from the Pirollo Design furniture making studio. Delivered by furniture designer + maker Norman Pirollo, questions answered live during the class. Recorded session + chat available afterwards.
The following topics are discussed:

Applying Traditional Design
From Concept to Furniture
Dynamic Design
Setting Up Your Shop
Make Shavings not Dust
Elevate Your Precision

Veneering "Pop Your Designs"
Design with CAD
Learn From A Master

Saturday April 24  10AM - 11:30AM EST

Master your woodworking and furniture making skills through this Woodworking Design To Making class. The class is based on skills developed and used in a fully functioning furniture making studio. Learn from an expert furniture designer + maker. Norman Pirollo has been woodworking for over 25 years, his work extensively published in magazines and books, and he has established four woodworking businesses. Norman is the author of the From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker's Journey book, chronicling his exciting journey into woodworking. Most recently, Norman has written the Woodworking: From Design To Making book.