Woodworking Business Course (DVD)


Norman Pirollo, successful founder of White Mountain Design, White Mountain Toolworks, Refined Edge Design, WoodSkills and Pirollo Design, guides you through the process of starting and setting up your own woodworking business. Learn from an experienced business person in the woodworking field. Norman provides the necessary expertise and answers questions about starting your own woodworking business in this information packed course.

- over 3 hours of lectures on DVD
- 23 video lectures describe steps to start your woodworking business
- lectures can be followed in any order, stopped or repeated any time
- 23 video lectures included in single price
- woodworking business course available to download or on DVD
- Woodworking Business Certificate issued upon completion

start woodworking business

Downloadable video lectures include critical topics on starting a woodworking business. Each video lecture guides you through the learning and development process of the business skills you are seeking. Start Your Own Woodworking Business Course is derived from over 20 years of woodworking business and furniture making expertise. A low-resolution Course Overview is shown below.

The course features separate lectures on these topics:

01. Introduction
02. Is self-employment for you?
03. Converting a hobby to a business
04. Important questions to ask yourself
05. Do you know your joinery
06. What about finishing skills
07. How much time & deadlines
08. Part time vs. Full time?
09. Creating a niche
10. Legal stuff & business plan
11. What machinery do you need
12. What hand tools do you need
13. How much space do you need
14. Developing a product
15. Finding a market
16. Creating a portfolio
17. Internet marketing
18. Work-life balance
19. Working on commission
20. Expanding your business
21. Expanding present location
22. Technology in woodworking
23. Conclusion

The authors furniture and wood art are featured in international books and magazines. His furniture and wood art have won awards in furniture and art shows. The unique studio furniture the author designs and creates can be seen at: Pirollo Design. Norman is also the founder of White Mountain Design, maker of fine jewelry boxes, humidors and wood hand planes since 1996. He maintains a blog of ongoing projects in his studio at Pirollo Design as well as writing and publishing three books in the past year. A few books and magazines where the authors furniture, work methods and philosophy have been featured in:

The Wood Artist: Creating Art Through Wood (New Art Press)
From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker's Journey (New Art Press)
Start Your Own Woodworking Business (New Art Press)
Rooted: Contemporary Studio Furniture (Schiffer Publishing)
IDS15 (Studio North)
Canadian Woodworking magazine Jan. 2015
Our Homes magazine Fall 2014
IDS14 (Studio North)
NICHE Magazine Winter 2013
Fine Woodworking magazine

Woodwork magazine
Wood Art Today 2 (Schiffer Books)
500 Cabinets ( Lark Books)
Studio Furniture: Today's Leading Woodworkers (Schiffer Books)
Fine Woodworking Shopmade Jigs 2009
2012 Canadian Interiors Design Source Guide
Ottawa Life magazine
Panoram Italia magazine
Our Homes magazine
Craft Journal

Jonathan Cirgesi of Chicago, Illinois says this about Business Course
"I found out a lot I didn't know about starting a woodworking business"

23 video lectures available when you purchase the Start Your Own Woodworking Business Course. Download all 23 HD 1280x720P High Resolution Video lectures for $29.00 or purchase a complete DVD with 23 video lectures for $34.00

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