Measuring Tool

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I often reach for this tool when I need to transfer measurements from one board to another. The measuring tool is composed of a solid block of cherry which is placed against the board to be measured. The high quality stainless steel rule with etched markings is then used to precisely measure the distance from the edge of the board to the final point. A solid brass knurled thumbscrew is then used to lock the measurement in. This measurement is then transferred to another board and marked out. This process greatly reduces the probability of error in transferring measurements between furniture components. 

measuring tool

Alternatively, the measurement itself can be used for other stages of a furniture build. The solid hardwood block has a sufficiently wide bearing surface for the measuring tool to be used as a 12 inch panel gauge. By running the block against the edge of a board, a precise marking can be created from 0 to 12 inches along one edge of a board. The measuring tool includes a high quality .040 inch thick stainless steel rule with etched markings. Oiled finish.

Measuring Tool length, height - 2.75 inches, 2 inches
Measuring Tool depth - .75 inches
Rule length - 12 inches