Kumiko Course


In this Kumiko Course, the traditional Japanese craft and technique of Kumiko is explored. The course introduces you to the concept of Kumiko and some of the history behind it. Kumiko has its origins in Japan and is used extensively in homes and home furnishings. Video segments guide you through the creation of a Kumiko panel. The pattern or motif featured in the course is the asa-no-ha pattern, a more common pattern familiar to many. The course is composed of seven video segments, a Kumiko article from my recent book, and plans for (2) guide blocks. The guide blocks are an important tool in the creation of Kumiko panels. Each step in the process of creating a panel is covered from preparing a rough blank to final assembly. Many techniques and best practices are covered in the course. 

A large part of the Kumiko panels in this course have been created using several hand tools although some machinery is used in the initial wood preparation. The hand tools consist primarily of a wide chisel, a smoother plane and a block plane. Follow me as I describe the steps involved in creating a striking Kumiko panel you can incorporate in a piece of furniture, wall panel, or Shoji screen.

The following topics are covered in this 7 part Kumiko course:

1. Intro and history of Kumiko
2. Overview of components of a Kumiko panel
3. Wood preparation of Kumiko components
4. Detailed video of the Kumiko creation process
5. Detailed video of how to create (2) guide blocks
6. Techniques and best practices to simplify Kumiko making
7. How to incorporate a Kumiko panel in furniture

Tips and techniques acquired over several months of creating Kumiko panels are shared in this course. You will be comfortable at tackling your first Kumiko panel after this course. All steps are covered in great detail.

Includes 7 separate video modules. Each video module addresses a component of the Kumiko process. Detailed video sequences and methodology on how to create Kumiko panels are included in the purchase the Kumiko course.

– Kumiko Course can be Streamed or Downloaded
– 7 video modules and plan for guide blocks included
– Detailed CAD drawings included
– Video modules can be followed in any order.
– Videos can be stopped, repeated any time
Kumiko article included
– All 7 video modules (1.7 hours) included in single $24 price

Total Cost: $24 (Stream or Download) 

Larry Broadbent says "I purchase a lot of woodworking plans and woodworking books online. I just purchased this Kumiko Course today. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the PDF's and videos in this course. I definitely recommend this Kumiko course to anyone wanting to get started in the woodworking art of Japanese Kumiko."

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