Center Finder Tool

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One of the most difficult measurements is that of finding the center of the edge of a board. The width of the edge of a board is just too narrow to make precise measurements and markings. The center finder tool is used to facilitate this process. By running the stainless steel pins diagonally along the outside faces of a board, the center pin marks the exact center of the edge of the board. The center of the board edge can be used to mark out mortises, lap joints or simply to saw the board in half. This center finder tool has a hardwood cherry block with integral stainless steel pins. 

center finder tool

The center-mounted stainless steel marking pin can be adjusted for depth. The marking pin tip can also be sharpened if necessary. The 3.5 inch center to center distance between the large stainless steel pins ensures that the center lines of the edges of thick boards can also be obtained. The center finder tool is designed to be used for generations with the utilization of solid hardwood and stainless steel components. Oiled finish. 

center finder tool

Hardwood cherry block length, height - 4.5 inches, 1.5 inches
Hardwood block - 1.5 inches thick
Center to center - 3.5 inches