Router Table Plan


The router table plan dimensions chosen for this versatile, easy to build router table are 32 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The router table plan dimensions can be changed to suit your requirements. The router table insert is offset towards the front of the table since this is where most routing is performed. The plan also provides for use of the rear of the table when a larger table surface is required. This is performed by simply flipping the fence around and routing on the other side. The crosscut sled allows you to safely rout at right angles to the table. To eliminate table sag, the router table top is a torsion box with glued and screwed internal supports or webbing. T-tracks provide fastening and adjustment of the adjustable fence. The router table top is 3/4 in. thick.

The features of this router table plan are:

- an optimized table height
- table dimensions for both large and small work
- easy to build, using standard dimensioned lumber
- eliminate table sag using torsion box construction
- flexibility of fence orientation on table top
- excellent dust collection
- ease of accessing the router from the top or bottom
- ease of removing router for hand held use
- adjust router bit height and change router bits from top
- incorporates rigidity and mass in router table
- designed to use a crosscut sled for both safety and accuracy

Router table plan

A Veritas circular router base plate kit was selected to mount a 2 1/4 HP router. This router plate kit has some features such as rigidity, ease of adapting and installing a router, and can be removed from beneath the table. The low cost router plate kit, very good directions for mounting a router, and a small footprint (9 in. diameter) plate are important design factors. A router of your choice can easily be substituted. 

1. Router table plan and build sequence
2. 25 CAD illustrated drawings
3. Crosscut sled plan included
4. Easy to build using dimensioned lumber.
5. Torsion box construction for a sag-free table surface

Comprehensive information, construction techniques, large photos, video and (25) detailed computer designed illustrations (CAD) to build this router table and crosscut sled are included with purchase of plan. After following this tutorial and video, you will have a good understanding of routers. All plans include files that you download to your computer.

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