Display Cabinet Plan

The following topics are covered in detail in this 100 page design and build tutorial:

- Display Cabinet (considerations, parameters involved in the design)
- History of Furniture Design (evolution of design through the centuries)
- Tools, Joinery and Wood used in this build ( Hand tools, techniques)
- Display Cabinet ( step by step build sequence)
- Veneering concepts (how to veneer, advantages of veneering)
- 35 (CAD) drawings and illustrations included to build display cabinet

Display Cabinet back panel

The step by step sequences in the form of text and photography describe how the design of this display cabinet originated and the design considerations in its build. Information on wood selection and preparation as well as the joinery used in this cabinet is covered. Tips and techniques acquired over several years of creating this style of cabinet are passed on in this tutorial. The process of creating and applying veneers is covered in this tutorial as well as information on the installation of knife hinges.

Detailed photos and information, display cabinet plans, and over 35 detailed computer designed illustrations (CAD) on how to build this display cabinet are included when you purchase this plan.