Start Your Own Woodworking Business (eBook)

1. Do you want to start your own woodworking business?
2. Convert woodworking hobby to a woodworking business?
3. The book is comprehensive, covering many topics

A few topics covered in the book are:

01. Is self-employment for you?
02. Converting a hobby into a business
03. Part time vs. Full time?
04. Finding a niche for your woodworking
05. Legal considerations of a woodworking business
06. How much space do you need for a woodworking business?
07. What equipment and tools do you need?
08. Finding or creating a market for your woodworking
09. Creating a portfolio of your work
10. Marketing your woodworking on the Internet
11. Woodworking and making furniture on commission
12. Coping with the ups and downs of a woodworking business
13. Separating your woodworking business from personal life
14. Maintaining the passion and motivation
15. Diversifying and Expanding
16. Do you need to hire an additional employee?
17. Technology in woodworking

Norman Pirollo, successful founder of White Mountain Design, White Mountain Toolworks, WoodSkills, Refined Edge Design and Pirollo Design; guides you through the process of starting and setting up your own woodworking business. Learn from an experienced business person in the woodworking field. Norman provides the necessary expertise and answers questions about starting your own woodworking business in this information filled book. 

120 Pages, Non-fiction, eBook. $9.99
Available through Amazon