Furniture Design Course


The Furniture Design Course teaches you furniture design and furniture making skills. The course is based on skills developed and used in a fully functioning furniture making studio. Learn from an expert in furniture making and woodworking. Norman Pirollo, a woodworker and furniture maker for over 20 years, has had his work published in several magazines and books. In this period, he has established four woodworking businesses. Norman has also written the From Hi-Tech to Lo-Tech: A Woodworker’s Journey book, chronicling his journey into a woodworking career.

In this course, I cover furniture design. Good design is essential in a quality furniture piece. Good design minimizes wasted resources and provides a furniture maker with essential feedback and pause when creating furniture. Loosely translated, the design process keeps a maker from rushing into a potentially flawed furniture design. The checks and balances give pause to the process as well as streamlining the build. Developing your own furniture style and aesthetic is covered. Selecting the right woods for a furniture design is critical in determining the appeal of a furniture piece.

furniture design prototype

As with most woodworkers, I was anxious to build furniture early on. With the passage of time and several furniture project completed, the anxiety of simply creating work had passed. It was far more important to create a well-designed and striking piece of furniture. So I delved into furniture design, studied with a few renown furniture makers, and used this knowledge to develop a furniture design process that works.

Furniture scale models or maquettes

In the online furniture design course you will acquire skills necessary to design and create your own unique furniture. Learn to develop your own style of furniture and aesthetic. Over 2 hours in total. Course features videos on these topics:

- Furniture design overview, the history of furniture design
- Becoming familiar with the furniture design process
- Understand design process, bring furniture designs to next level
- How to select wood for a furniture design
- Use of mockups and prototypes to develop a furniture design
- In-depth use of mockups to develop a furniture design
- Determining a furniture style for your own furniture designs
- Selecting a furniture style and aesthetic
- Developing a furniture design
- Getting the proportions right in a furniture design
- Using the dynamic design process in a furniture design
- Use of maquettes and prototypes in a furniture design
- Use of templates and CAD when designing your furniture

– Furniture Design Course can be Streamed or Downloaded
– Separate Introduction module
– 13 video modules. Wood selection, drawing, mockups, prototypes, CAD
– Modules can be followed in any order. Stopped or repeated any time
– All 13 video modules (2 hours) included in the single $29 price

Price: $29 (Stream or Download)

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